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Our role is to Bridge Africa to the rest of the world by facilitating; projects, logistics, bid writing, general representation or simply benefit from our extensive African network to assist your business developments on the continent. This is because we believe that Africa is the emerging market of tomorrow. General opinions on the economic outlook seem to concur; Africa’s population is set to double by 2050 (1.1 billion in 2013) with an economic growth of 4.5% per year and this in spite of persistent illiteracy, poverty and recurring civil unrests. Some reforms in human developments are paying off even though a handful of countries have remained stagnant, dwarfing the continent’s overall economic growth. We are witnessing positive signs going about our daily lives, high rise modern apartment buildings and offices mushrooming in literally every city and online shopping start ups by local entrepreneurs and global companies making their entries.

At Bridge Africa Consulting, our mission is to assist foreign companies and organisations that may not have previous experience in Africa or those that are looking for local expertise. We offer our customers flexibility, impartiality and cost savings by offering unique benefits such as: avoid taking on full time employees or expatriates when your staff are already committed, in-depth knowledge of cultural differences, second (unbiased) opinion and therefore better overall decision making, local market know-how or simply add drive to your project. These are advantages that will give you the edge in a competitive market. Bridge Africa Consulting can help you make a difference.

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