We've already done the legwork so you can focus on the bigger picture

A company approached us recently. They were trying their luck on a construction project in West Africa. We put them in touch with selected contractors and agents in specific sectors; they conducted interviews which enabled our client to obtain detailed answers to many questions and this gave them necessary perspectives - they went on to be awarded the business. We have contacts in most sectors such as: construction, engineering, catering, wholesale, transport and security. We can introduce you to the right local partners once we understand your needs. We have already done the legwork so the time you gain is more time focussed on your project.

Logistics will most certainly play a big part. Not only in terms of operational performance, but also in terms of cost. At Bridge Africa Consulting we can advise you as to the best freight forwarder or transport company to work with depending on your needs. We can also advise you on the best ports/airports of entry, routes, road transport and railway but also on Customs procedures, insurance, documentation, transit times and deliveries, even if you have an appointed freight forwarder. At Bridge Africa Consulting we think out of the box because we are not tied down with operations. This allows us to be very agile to your benefits.

We’ve just completed a field reconnaissance trip for a new customer. This was done on a 7 days' notice and 4 days in the field. We sourced and met local and international services and goods suppliers, getting them to quote for services so our customer was in position to complete their bid with accurate operational details and prices. Our project support does not stop there. If your company is an SME that focuses on operations or manufacturing for example, you may not have the resources for a bid writer. Bridge Africa Consulting can support you by organising the information for response and even write up your bid. At Bridge Africa Consulting we have solid experience in bid writing for Government tenders, major NGOs and the United Nations.


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