Reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency through reliable local knowledge and know how

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges faced by any company in any business role is that of commencing a construction contract in Africa in one of its Capital cities, whereby logistics and local know-how become an indispensable part of time & cost saving in its successful completion & realization. This, plus the prolonged sustainment of any ongoing lengthy contract at hand based almost anywhere in the African continent.

Which is why Bridge Africa Consulting (BAC) should be your essential first-stop local business partner in support areas such as law, legal jurisdiction, manpower, procurement & logistical matters pertaining to your contract, – let us explain why: For example, you are a construction company setting up operations and buildings in Africa, BAC will assist you with several years of experience in logistics for your entire workforce plus transportation to setting up Hotel accommodation or on-site housing facilities where applicable, – even before the project commences if necessary.

BAC will actively source western standard building suppliers to builders & contractors to fully ‘realize your project in supporting your work teams of up to 50 personnel (example) or

BAC will, through experienced local knowledge, source & procure your necessary building material needs and labour in accredited western standards certified suppliers and vendors to assign to your project. To further assist your project, BAC will set up local Bank Accounts & transfers, while also assisting in navigating you through legal and tax liability jungle of Africa.

We’ll put you in touch with tried-and-tested local contractors, in anything from sewer pump trucks to safety-sign making services in accordance with international standards, to national testing laboratories and facilitate service contract negotiations.

We have saved several companies time and money setting up, therefore increasing their operational efficiency exponentially while decreasing their operational costs albeit difficult to quantify exactly in figures.

Personal relations and local knowledge count indefensibly when it comes to business in Western Africa or Africa as whole, and we have the expertise and network plus the experience that can make the difference between success and unnecessary high expense.

BAC is manned by knowledgeable personnel armed with a wealth of local knowledge with language and negotiation capability to make your contract so much easier and viable, that is a difference cannot be underestimated. We will do this across Africa’s vast SAHEL region including Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Niger, Senegal and others where we have a presence and established reliable partnerships, – please ask us for more information.

BAC will assist you all the way at every step of the contract from negotiation to its ultimate realization and successful conclusion BAC will support all your needs as listed to also include where necessary western standard medical care and facilities. Let BAC be your bridging partner to your plans and projects in the Sahel region.