Procurement – as an Art Form

We at BAC take procurement processes very seriously, maintaining that careful and considered approaches in negotiation to final acquisition is nothing less than an art form which we relish doing. Particularly assisting clients who are involved in both small and major industrial projects, for example liaising with all stakeholders, keeping everyone informed as we go. More often now, we are asked for support in procurement processes so the project/s or factories can supply continuously maintaining seamless operations & functioning. In BAC’s “neck of the woods”, it is recognised that some local companies operate within the ‘black market’, so are technically invisible or very low profile to enable their survival, yet still have their indispensable worth.

Often, they are not registered, do not engage in advertising, are un-listed in local directories, or do not have recognised websites so even finding their shop/office is sometimes a challenge, so this is where our local knowledge is indispensable.

This is where BAC excels – we have the local network that will make a positive difference to your project as we already have these hidden yet invaluable resources. Not only that, the chances are that already have an ongoing tried & tested business relationships such as in accounting, financing, constructions, legal, employment/labour laws and legal criteria.

We have in the very recent past demonstrated this many times over such as in Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso & Chad, our network is as extensive as it is invaluable and far-reaching. One of our previous clients in Niger were ‘up against the wall’, asking us to purchase a large quantity of a specific type of industrial adhesive made by “Hilti” TM, - but urgently needed on it on site within 48H of their request!

We sourced it in neighbouring Mali, purchased it in cash, and had it hand-carried to the client on site in Niger within a record 24 hrs! If you ever have been involved in construction projects in remote even inhospitable locations, you will know what missing a part or essential tool means in completing your task on time, – so let BAC be that necessary tool!

Any Contractor company or business will know that having a reliable proven local partner with extensive local knowledge we are utterly indispensable making the difference between “make or break” of any project on the African continent. Procurement is a very sensitive issue and often very complex, – a subject that we take seriously. BAC have access experienced personnel on hand in the writing and authoring of such documents including Scope of Works/Requirements. (SOW/SOR) We also advise on the writing of such documents based on our local knowledge and expertise, also tailored to the individual product or contract needs & aspirations, as set against the complexities & nuances of the African market, our combined local knowledge goes very far indeed. Our Mission in BAC is to solve problems both logically and materials-wise helping you navigate through the maze of suppliers aiming to assist you the customer, as best and as efficiently in ensuring that you fulfil your contract schedule thus saving valuable resources such as time and money, BAC is there to help you.