Addressing challenges in sourcing & supplying Western standard construction projects in underdeveloped countries – BAC will make it happen

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing any complex construction project in the African continent such as Hotel or Embassies in the sourcing and procurement of local yet certifiable western, or western origin standard building materials and equipment’s for the project. Not least any specialized labour or planning authorities in land search and acquisition and the safe
conduct thereafter of building and construction operations from manpower to site security.

Thanks to BAC’s involvement, participation and support, one of our recent clients has been successfully awarded an ongoing construction contract in Mali, All materials supplied for this project had to be of western standard or equivalent such as; cement, steel reinforcement bars, concrete blocks, PVC, electrical cables, light switches etc. Material could be imported tax free but ideally, the preference was to purchase locally which of course BAC facilitated.

After relevant local research, we established that none of the building material available locally were to the standards required. So we had reinforcement bars alchemy & stress-tested (testing of metallurgical properties and integrity) locally, along with the best in quality concrete/cement mix, concrete blocks available on the market.

We have then previously shipped such commodities to Europe for subsequent western standard testing. In the end however on that issue, we sourced and shipped in some of the building supplies from neighbouring countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana, of which most we found were imported from the west anyway and thus suitable.

African markets are dynamic to say the least in many ways as we know, – being almost ‘fluid at times. So this is why we at BAC are monitoring the market climate regularly to stay abreast of relevant market trends & developments particularly in certain materials & supplier sectors, – this is invaluable intelligence for your business. This is why we work hard in staying up-to-date, so that we save time, thus then saving your company’s precious financial and manpower resources so you stay focussed on the bigger picture.

This, which is one of the many unified aspects in which we offer unparalleled support to our clients We have to be and make it our business to stay on top of market progress & fluctuations, so as we can best support you in giving you up-todate insider advice & information of which BAC will provide for you, and so much more.

Not to be overlooked, even is the actual writing of any tender or Scope Of Works (SOW) which can be complex or even culturally influenced, so let BAC as your partner give you invaluable insight into writing it correctly, fortified with our wide ranging local knowledge and expertise that cannot otherwise be obtained, helping you to reach the desired goals in your contract and there afterwards..