Ever faced with stressful situations in Africa and desperately needed fast problem solving?

Stressful Situations
Stressful situations are experienced by professionals, some even thrive on them. If you are involved in projects and operating in difficult markets, it is likely that these situations will occur more frequently. Not surprising if considering hundreds of people working across borders are involved in meeting tight deadlines. At Bridge Africa Consulting we have the local knowledge and experience so these stressful situations can be avoided or dealt with swiftly enabling you focus on the bigger picture.


Solving Problems
At Bridge Africa Consulting we enjoy taking up challenges for fast problem solving. We rely on our global business experience; network and market know-how to find cost-effective solutions to your problems. You know when you spend days looking for a solution and then suddenly someone comes along with the right idea? It’s having the right partner at your side that counts.

When someone with a creative imagination thinks out of the box and apply his or her ideas to problem solving in Africa, the result will likely be innovative solutions. As African economies develop, the need for innovation in business becomes apparent, businesses increasingly need to be structured for innovation. Bridge Africa Consulting is an independent company with ambitions; that is why we constantly challenge ourselves - innovation keeps us alive.

Our Goal
We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing excellent services of outstanding value so our customers can gain and maintain a competitive advantage and support for fast problem solving in Africa. At Bridge Africa Consulting we support our customers in their projects, overcome challenges and build success.

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