Local network in Africa and know-how

Cultural differences are not to be taken for granted as it is the most important element to a successful project. It can be said that companies generally have the same sets of problems regardless of where they operate. What differs is the way these problems are dealt with. We believe we have the local know-how. This is why we know how to select potential partners for your needs. In fact, we aim to give you a choice of companies for you to choose from based on your criteria. 

Young woman, working in a street market in Nairobi

Strong deep business roots as a tree trunk with the root in the shape of a hand shake as a symbol of unity trust and integrity in finance and relationships.

Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” - not so in our business. At Bridge Africa Consulting, we make it our business to know our local network in Africa; how they work, what they are good at and the people making the decisions so we can advise you better. Finding business opportunities is also a natural development from our network and an area we can also help you with. These opportunities are what inspire us to push the limits.

At Bridge Africa Consulting we constantly strive to develop our network and cooperation with partners. We travel across the African continent to build relationships and re-enforce existing cooperation with local advisory groups, discuss ways of improving services, develop innovative solutions, communication, and ultimately customer satisfaction. This is why we believe that a strong cooperation is crucial for sound developments. In spite of constant hurdles, our goal is long term development.

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