Responsive logistics and trade support services, we offer agile solutions to your logistics challenges in Africa.

We work with local partners such as for example local road transport companies in Mali, Niger or Central African Republic. We choose those best suited to our customers’ needs with a particular focus on service reliability for your benefit. We are experts in Air, Ocean and road transport; especially when it comes to projects. We have a clear overview of our markets and their dynamics; we detect changes and trends enabling us to adopt innovative approaches. This allows us to provide agile logistics services in Africa.

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Trade Support
We aim to promote trade and investments in Africa by offering logistics and trade support services. We do this by inspiring trust and confidence in our customers and network through long-term commitments. To meet this challenge, we have put in place internal systems that will ensure responsive support for logistics services in Africa. We believe that skills and genuine willingness to succeed exist on the continent. This is why Bridge Africa Consulting has been created; to harness and develop home grown talents to the benefit of all those involved.

Customer Service
We believe the key to building successful long-term relationships is open and honest communication. This is particularly relevant when operating in difficult markets. At Bridge Africa Consulting, we know our customers have high expectations so we are geared to complement our network. Together we provide excellent customer service. We aim to respond fast to enquiries, progress updates and reporting through to completion. This is what sets Bridge Africa Consulting apart.

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